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Are you ready to give your kids a huge advantage?

Kid Biz Launch

As parents, we believe that giving our kids confidence is a key ingredient to success in life.

And there's no better way to gain confidence than by making and selling a product that you created with your own hands.

That's why we created the free KidBizLaunch 5-Day Challenge.  

During the challenge, we will go live each day virtually with 1000s of kids nationwide and help them find their passion, make their first product, and find a willing customer to buy.

By the end of this FREE Challenge, your child (ages 5-17) will learn:

1. How to find a Passion and a Need to fill in the community
2. All about making a real product, profit and selling to a real customer
3. The mindsets and motivations required for true success (grit, gratitude, etc)

Oh ya, and TONS of free daily prizes and raffles for winners (iPads, apple watches, drones, electric scooters, and more)!!

Join your host and mentor, Scott Donnell, Founder of ApexLeadershipCo and MyFirstSale, and Special Guest Trainers as they teach kids to break into business from their living room.

These are the real-world skills that we all want for our kids.

When this 5-day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge starts, it will teach your child the right mindsets needed in order to be a true kid entrepreneur: Resourcefulness, Creativity, Passion, Grit, Delayed Gratification, and much, much more.

Scott Donnell

Your Host and Mentor: Scott Donnell

  • Founder of ApexFunRun, Hapbee and MyFirstSale (3 million kids)
  • Entrepreneur Magazine - Franchise 500 Winner (7 Years)
  • Personally helped 1200+ kids launch their businesses

With a Rockstar Lineup of Special Guest Trainers:

Joe Polish​

Founder of Genius Network (one of the top marketers on planet earth)

Dave Asprey

Founder of Bulletproof Coffee

(one of the top entrepreneurs on planet earth)

Lee Richter

Richter Communications and MyPetThrives (Top 100 Woman Business Leaders)

Scott and Jeremy Barnhart receiving a Top 50 Business Satisfaction Award

High praise for Scott from Kim "The Increase Coach" Freid

Recommendation from Mark Timm - President of Zig Ziglar Family, Elevate 1 and Integrimedical

“What Scott is doing here is world-changing and amazing. He’s a heart-centered leader with a mission to inspire millions of kids to entrepreneurship. My First Sale isn’t just a great tool for parents, it’s fun for the kids and it offers a marketplace to sell on. Scott has a proven track record of helping thousands of kids launch their own small businesses through Children’s Business Fairs. This is a no-brainer for any parent!” -Stephan Spencer, Founder of Get Yourself Optimize 

Hello Rockstar Parents,

You’re busy, like all parents are.

Especially now.

And that’s why I’m writing you this email.

Because I “get it.”

I’m a parent with two kids at home (soon to be three). I’m also a business owner.

And in the last few months during quarantine, I’ve also become a teacher, a nurse, and a therapist in our home. And during this crazy time, I bet you and I are a lot alike:

You want to make sure your kids feel loved.
You want them to get ahead, not fall behind.
And you want them to feel confident for the future, not scared.

You want your family to come out of this stronger. But between all the cooking, cleaning, and class time, there’s barely enough room to breathe.

What if there was a way to hit the “reset button”?

What if you could not only create some breathing room for you, but could also give your kids a special advantage during this crazy time?

Like a real advantage for their future.

Like something they can’t learn in school.

Like a deep confidence that your kids are well-prepared, and excited for the future.

That’s what we want in the end: we want to teach our kids to take care of themselves.

That’s why we launched the free Kid Biz Launch 5-Day Challenge! It starts in a few days and spots are filling fast.

This is the best way that I’ve found to give my kids real life skills, real cash as a reward, and real confidence in their future.

Teach them to launch a business of their own!

And the best part is, we’re doing all the teaching – and it’s 100% free.

I’ve personally seen 1000’s of kids launch their businesses with great success over the last 7 years, and during the process these kids learned more about real entrepreneurship than most MBAs I know.

This is one of the best things you can do for your child’s future. And it makes one heck of a great addition to their college application down the road…

We hope you’ll join us on this incredible journey.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this. Your kids will probably thank you in 20 years or so.

Either way, you’re a great parent just for caring.

See you in the Challenge,


Scott Donnell is the Founder of Apex Leadership Co, which has served over 3 million families since 2011. Because of the many requests from parents for help, Apex has pulled together a list of free email resources for families to make sure we all come out of this global pandemic stronger and more united.

Scott and Sawyer

Scott and Sawyer at the annual Apex Convention Summit

Here Are Just Some Of The Comments From One Of The Over 1,200 Families That Have Taken Part In One Of Our Prior Programs...

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